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T measuring rule - LaViemate
Bend rule for woodworking and carpenter - LaViemate
High precision t-rule for measuring and marking - LaViemate
400 mmT-square ruler for scribing and woodworkers - LaViemate
180 mm Marking and scribing bend rule - LaViemate
200 mm t rule for woodworking - LaViemate
300 mm t rule for carpenter and woodworker - LaViemate

Professional High Precision T-Ruler And Bend Rule

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Whose is this professional tool?

  • Everybody who has a passion to convert a group of wood pieces into an amazing art object.
  • Professional carpenter and amateur wood makers.
  • Everyone who has many workpieces to mark for cutting or drilling.
  • Everyone looking for accurate and professional work.
  • The one aiming to finish his work efficiently in a short time.

More Efficient!

Level up your performance with this high-precision marking and measuring ruler and do your work accurately and professionally. Save your time and money required to mark and cut wood or stainless steel parts.

This scribing and measuring tool has tiny slits and holes for each graduation, it is provided with a black etched scale.

You can select the Bend rule to draw holes and lines on two perpendicular layouts and surfaces easily and accurately and to take the measurement along the edge of workpieces like a board or beam.

Also, you may select the t-rule to scribe horizontal, vertical, short, or long lines. It is really such a professional woodworking edge ruler that suits wood and any other material.

Bend ruler (right angle ruler) - LaViemate

Rulers Features:

  • Anti-rust scribing ruler: made of stainless steel.

  • Accurate and clear laser engraving scale.

  • 0.25 mm perfect precision.

  • Sturdy and durable marking ruler.

  • Small holes: 0.25 mm / 0.5 mm / 1 mm.

Ultra Precision t ruler

Measuring Range:

  • Scribing T-ruler 0-200 mm.

  • Scribing T-ruler 0-300 mm.

  • Scribing T-ruler 0-400 mm.

  • Bend ruler (Right angle ruler) 0-180 mm.

High precision t square ruler_ LaViemate

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