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Rewards Program Policy

Loyalty And Reward Program


Welcome to LaViemate rewards program. This program is set to get benefits to its members. Everybody can join this program by creating an account. Then, start gaining points by either purchasing from LaViemate store or referring a friend. This referral program gives you the opportunity to acquire your points being earned every time you purchase for the LaViemate store.

How To Earn Points? 

Your points will be increased 10 points for every one dollar spent in the website. Similarly, you will get 10 points for every single dollar spent by the friend who you already referred on his first order. Your friend will get 10% OFF on his first order as well.

How To Redeem My Points?

You are entitled to redeem your points when you reach to 200 points, where you will get 1 dollar for every 200 accumulated points.For instance, you can redeem your 1000 points at once (by change the blue slide at the redeem launcher) to get 5 dollar, we will send to your registered email a 5$ discount coupon code to be used in the checkout at your next order.

Points Validity

In order to serve you in the best way, we hope that you redeem your accumulated points within 365 days.commencing from the date of purchasing.

Loyalty Program Terms

Your use of the points will express your agreement to the terms and conditions,and LaViemate reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice to the customers.

LaViemate reserve the rights to cancel the membership without prior notice to the customer.

For any more information or questions about LaViemate rewards program, send please to